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Today is Wednesday, 10th October, 2012
Archivo con el repaso de la unidad 1


Today is Monday, 8th October, 2012
Canción: Only you

Cloze song: Only you (Yazoo)

yesterday - you - me - me - you - story - window

1.- Looking from a xxxxxx above it's like a xxxxxxx of love
2.- Can xxxx hear xxxxx
3.- Came back only xxxxxxxx I'm moving farther away
4.- Want xxxx near xxxx


and - love - was - day - you

5.- All I needed xxxxx the xxxxxx you gave
6.- All I needed for another xxxxxx
7.- xxxxxx all I ever knew
8.- Only xxxxxx

you - listen - you - game

9.- Sometimes when I think of her name, when it's only a xxxxx
10.- And I need xxxxx
11.- xxxxx to the words that you say it's getting harder to stay
12.- When I see xxxxx

Chorus x 2

hand - door - mine - more

13.- This is going to take a long time and I wonder what's xxxxx
14.- Can't take no xxxxx
15.- Wonder if you'll understand it's just the touch of your xxxxxx
16.- Behind a closed xxxxx


Canción: Only you